About Us

Eco Build is a competent, reputable and high-end green construction company based in the Berkshire that is dedicated to building green homes that support sustainable development. We are ideally placed to deliver your project that will not only meet your needs and budget, but save the environment as well.

Over the years, we have been providing a wide variety of green construction services and green products to make the dream of our clients of having an energy-efficient home come true. We also employ highly skilled and experienced professionals to ensure that clients will get the fullest benefits out of our service.

We understand that in the current economic climate,adherence to the available budget is of the utmost importance and to this end will ensure that your requirements are met within these pyrameters. we have designed green construction systems and concepts that will help you improve the quality of your life and reduce power consumption. We ensure that our service will adhere to the rules and regulations set by law. We believe that these are some of the factors that have greatly contributed to our success over the years. But that is not where it ends…

Here at Eco Build, we perceive every single project as a prototype that requires detailed management and skilled tradesmen to deliver on budget and on time. With their background and exposure to the newest and most advanced green construction techniques and practices, we are confident that our clients will get the best of both worlds. Together with our contracts management team, accounts departments and estimating team, the structure of our company gives the reinforcement for our staff on site to guarantee that every project is managed with attention to detail. Here at Eco Build, the satisfaction and safety of our clients is what matters most.

We also know that a home or any project under construction changes and believe that clear communication between us and our clients is of utmost importance to a successful project. We firmly believe that clients must be fully informed not only of the development, but of possible cost implications that any disparity to the original home design may incur. In addition, clear and factual information provides clients with the right choice. So, we ensure that they are informed of all the aspects pertaining to the project we do for them.

Unlike other companies, our services are cost-effective. Having an energy-efficient home does not have to be expensive. we offer a variety of pricing options that will suit your budget.

Eco Build is one of the companies that will help you build your future. To fulfill our mission of providing our clients a better way of life and a more beautiful environment to live in, we will continuously strive to empower our knowledge and expertise in green construction.