What we do

icon3Green construction has been gaining momentum in the industry over the last few years due to its numerous advantages. In order to meet this growing demands of homeowners and businesses alike, we offer our high-end services in the field of green construction.

Here at Eco Build, we construct and design homes,extensions and refurbishment projects with high environmental standards. We offer a wide spectrum of green construction services to cater to the needs of our clients while protecting the environment. With our commitment to making the lives of millions of people better and easier, we are confident that we can make a difference.

So, what do we do? We are specialist in providing solar panel supply and installation. Our solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels, are constructed of the finest materials available in the world today and incorporate the latest technological advances available.Thus ensuring that they can stand the test of time and even the harshest elements.

When it comes to the installation, our trained, licensed and experienced technicians will handle the job. Before proceeding to the installation process, they will first evaluate your home, its location and the electrical wirings in order to make some necessary adjustments and to ensure that your desired appliances and systems will effectively be powered by the sun. With their keen eye for details and commitment to customer satisfaction,you can be assured that your solar panels will perform to the highest standard available in the industry today.

Eco Build is also a loft conversion specialist. Loft conversions is a complicated process that requires above average technical skills, we have the expertise and the know how to deliver your project on price and on time .We will initially carry out a site survey to ensure feasibility and can offer all the planning and building control approval provide if required.

Home extension and renovation is another area of our expertise.We offer a dedicated project management service to ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standard available in the indusrty today.

Eco Build helps customers achieve the kind of building that they have always dreamed of. We understand the impact of the carbon footprint of standard buildings to the environment, economy and human health. To this end, we adopt green building techniques and strategies to maximize both environmental and economic performance. We also offer different construction services which include construction and designs, deconstruction and renovation, loft conversion, and other services in accordance to all current regulations. Our passion for making the world a better place to live in and for making our customers happy are what set us apart from other companies in this industry.

We provide all the innovative approaches to the different green construction projects that our clients demand. Plus, we take pride in our excellent craftsmanship and ensure that whatever service you need will be handled with care. Because the needs of our clients and the safety of the environment are what really matters to us, we strive to live up to their highest expectations.